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tv   News  ABC  August 20, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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new this morning, they finally got him. how police caught up with this bonnie and clyde bandaid in arizona. and they're out of iraq, but this is the moment they've really waited for. troops reunited with their families. a hate crime in northwest baltimore. police need your help to find out who did this. that story's just ahead on this friday morning. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. jamie's off this morning so let's get right to justin berk with a check on the weather. >> we're taking a look outside where we expect an issue this morning with fog. there is a dense fog advisory that's been posted through the west side of the bay taking us through 9:00 a.m. the we are looking for sunshine
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and hot temperatures today through tomorrow. sunday will turn cooler and a little more wet if you are planning anything outdoors, i'd go for the first part of the weekend not the second part. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we're dry. that is fog showing up on the eastern shore now. that is the high moisture content being seen by the sensitive doppler imagery. lack at this centreville matching the dew point, which means yes, there is fog to be found out there. we are looking right now at choppy view from westminster. let's disregard that. doesn't look like fog is an issue there. this view in annapolis holding at 71. aiming for 92 with our two degree guarantee this afternoon with sunshine. for everyone traveling across the d.c. metro area, no problems on the bw parkway. route 29 checking in and clean as you leave howard county. as we look at our cameras,
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you'll see traffic light, moderate, moving good at liberty road on the west side. outer loop, lanes all open as you head toward 70. as we look at our maps right now, we are working one accident in the area of howard county. folly quarter road at buck skin lane. you'll sea police on the scene there. also debris on the roadway. outer loop lanes at york road is causing several drivers to have a flat tire. so just use caution as you approach that exit this morning. megan, back to you. he was riding his bike with a friend when he was hit and killed by a car at lyndhurst avenue and windsor mill road in west baltimore. we spoke with a good samaritan who tried to help the young victim as they waited for help. linda so joins us in the studio with more. linda? >> reporter: vaughn mason heard no squealing breaks, just a loud crash and a thud when the neil chide was run over. the boy was riding his bike behind a friend who crossed the
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street just moments before, but he didn't make it. this blanket marks the spot where the 12-year-old waited for help after the crash. he was hit around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. the witnesses tell us the driver of the car had no time to brake as the car hit him and he was ran over. mason heard the crash and ran over to hold the boy's hand. he said the boy had a faint pulse and was barely breathing. >> it brought tears to my eyes. hopefully he made it, but i could feel life just leaving this kid. >> reporter: the boy was taken to the hospital but police say he died shortly after the driver involved in the crash did stay at the scene. city police tell us the accident investigation unit is handling the case. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. authorities in arizona ended a weak's long manhunt overnight taking an escaped
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convict and his accomplice into custody. it's the end of a search that had reported sightings from montana all the way to pennsylvania. over the last few days, it had gone cold. authorities held the news conference in phoenix just a few hours ago. as clayton sandell reports, he was armed and ready for a fight. >> the nightmare is finally over. >> reporter: the fugitives were spotted by a forest ranger in the mountains of eastern arizona near the new mexico border far from where the odyssey began on july 30th. that's where kaz lynn welch helped her fiancee and two convicted murderers escape from prison. daniel renwick was soon caught in colorado. tracey province was captured in wyoming. but mccluskey and welch, who are also cousins, evaded capture drawing comparisons to bonnie and clyde last spotted in montana leading to an all out alert in yellowstone
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nationality park. authorities suspected they'dtry to reconnect with families in arizona. when they were found last night, they were armed. >> cassy welch had a firearm in the small of every back. she attempted to go for the firearm. as she pulled out, the s.w.a.t. officers obviously had her -- had their guns trained on her, and she dropped the weapon. >> reporter: the quick thinking ranger was suspicious of the campsite and found the license plates on the car were stolen. mccluskey and welch are now in jail, an ending that could have been much different. >> all of us were convinced this would go down in a bloody shoot-out. >> reporter: a nationwide manhunt now over. clayton san dell, abc news, denver. authorities in florida are searching for a pair of thieves who walked away from the museum with a gold bar. incredible surveillance video captured the duo making off with the gold. it was a peculiar case allowing
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visitor toes handle it. it was from a 1622 spanish gal leo. it's worth over half a million bucks. the nearly 75 ounce bar had been on display for nearly two decades. the museum's insurance company is now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the gold's return. families all over the country are smiling more today. for the louis washington state since the start of the iraq war have been there. they have not seen their loved ones and waited patiently for moments like this when they could say welcome home. some of these children weren't even born when their parents went off to war. nonetheless, having them home safe is the best feeling for the families who waited such a long time for this. >> words can't express the feelings i have right now to be
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home. i thank god that we all made it back home safely. >> not far from this is the only reminder that everyone needs about what they've been through. the fourth brigade's memorial for the 38 soldiers who never made it home. one mom says sending her son off to war is the best thing she ever did and says she's proud and would do it all over again. all right. take a look at this. who is gonna clean up this mess? looks like a possible prank in cedar rapids. not many are laughing because it caused such a soapy mess. some joker must have dropped the soap in the fountain. the fountain will need ton drained and cleaned and that will cost money so they want to find out who did this so they know who to send the bill to. it will be a fight to the finish. we'll hear more about the battle to be the city's top prosecutor. and underarmor makes great
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good morning. it's 6:41. we have a dense fog advisory taking you to 9:00. you want to find something to do? hey, head out to denton. it is summer-fest. and caroline county's very own ambassador off of route 404 starts at 5:00 this evening. there's 71 and fog right now. looking for a hot day with temperatures out near 90. i'm telling you, it will be a good time out there. if you can't get today, they have tomorrow going from 2:00 through 10:00. here's kim brown on the roads. >> reporter: justin, not much so far. we're looking really good on
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the roadways, however, one incident on the outer loop at york road. road hazards causing flat tires. we'll get a check on 95 and the harrisburg expressway in just a few minutes. megan, back to you. >> thanks, kim. more police presence after a hate crime in northwest baltimore. >> reporter: it's a message of hate targeting a local jewish community. i'm linda so, the latest on the investigation into the swastikas painted on vans. plus, sheila dixon's ex- boyfriend has moved out of state. and he was playing on the slide when thins took a dangerous turn. we're going to hear from the young boy who was impaled by a slide. the excitement is building, that's for sure. ravens football season all started at training camp. why this year is such a big deal. wy@
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ions. now, lysol is approved to control allergens on youram lysol disinfecting wipes remove 90% of allergens. and, lysol disinct spray kills the source of mold allergens. friday morning at 6:45. i'm megan pringle for your abc 2 news to go. right now, police are searching for suspects in a vandalism case in northwest baltimore. two suspects painted spouse
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tick chas on vehicles and have them on tape. right now, no arrests. linda so is here in the studio with more on that in a minute, but first, right to justin berk with a check on the weather. this clicker is about to control everything you see on screen. first off, maryland's most powerful doppler radar. that doesn't include what you see on the eastern shore. that's not raining, it's fog. real high humidity and low visibility down there on the eastern shore and parts around baltimore we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. then we're expecting sunshine to carry us through. it is not foggy in reisterstown. a little hint of haze at 71. we'll take you down toward as nap list. also no fog problems at 71 degrees at the harbor school indianapolis. hour by hour forecast takes us to 87 by the lunch hour and a mostly sunny afternoon with our two degree guarantee around 4:00 p.m. of 92 degrees. another summer day tomorrow and a cooldown by the end of the
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weekend. here's kim brown with a look at the traffic. hey, kim. >> reporter: police just got that debris cleared out of the outer loop areas. it caused several drivers to have flat tires so still keep your eyes open as you travel through the area. still working one crash. aside from that, we're looking good traffic wise. megan, back to you. it's been labeled a hate crime talking about vandalism as city police meet with neighbors. they are now looking for at least two suspects who may have been caught on tape. linda so joins us in the studio with more this morning. linda? >> reporter: police have video of the suspects that shows two juveniles vandalizing several vans in the park heights community. police updated people at a meeting at the jewish community center. over the weekend, swastikas and other hate-related messages were spray painted on the six vans. police are stepping up patrols in the area and increasing
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surveillance during overnight hours. >> our deployment is focused in that area. we are relentlessly following up because we intend to arrest the perpetrator. >> reporter: police are encouraging people in that area to watch out for each other and look for any suspicious behavior. the city's hate crime tip line is 410-358-9999. in the studio, linda so, abc 2 news. >> hate crimes are an all too real problem in the world and the united states. we did a little digging. according to an fbi hate crimes report released last year, the number of incidents against african-americans increased 8% to nearly 3,000 incidents. hate crimes against african- americans made up to 72% of the racially motivated crimes in the united states. bias incidents based on religion increased 9% to more than 1500. the majority of those two-
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thirds were anti-jewish hate crimes. 6:49 right now. the latest on the 12-year-old girl police say was raped at a baltimore county skating rink. surveillance video was released from skateworks and an attorney claims the victim's story doesn't add up. attorney paul gardner released the video have the night the 12-year-old said she was raped in the storage room. he says this shows that the victim was not dragged into the storage room as she told police. she is also disputing the claims the three young men were inside the room at the same time. he says according to the video, all three accused attackers were nerver in the same room at the same time. he says he is speaking out to protect his client should a civil case break out. >> i can tell something happened. as to whatever happened, it shouldn't have happened to a 12-year-old lady. we know that to be sure. >> there were no cameras inside the actual storage room itself. skate works is considering installing more cameras. the developer whose gifts
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to former baltimore mayor sheila dixon led to a corruption scandal in the city has now moved his business out of state. ronald lipscomb is the head of dorr come contracting which was the head of several contracts in the city. is he also the former boyfriend of mayor sheila dixon and the star witness at her corruption trial which led to her resignation. lipscomb is no longer doing business in our state and is now working in the d.c. area and in florida. city states attorney patricia jessamy and craig bernstein held their third debate. the vanguard justice society hosted the debate. one of the concerns last night, a so-called do not call list kept by the state's attorney's office kept by officers. this list allows the state to act as judge, jury and executioner with regards to
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those officers according to him. jessamy says the process is not one that's taken lightly. >> if we presented the testimony of those officers, then what happens is the defense uses it, and our cases are compromised. >> they're making their own determination about whether or not an officer has violated the law, and then they are imposing their own punishment. >> the president of the vanguard justice society right know says they are not endorsing either side. underarmor's much loved basketball sneaker line is about to hit store shelfs in november. the public got the first look at the microg shoe. it is the first ever basketball footwear for the company that consists of four different types of sneakers. the centerpiece will be the black ice to be worn this
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season by brandon jennings of the milwaukee bucks. the shoe costs between $80 and $110. an 8-year-old boy is speaking out after a really dangerous accident. it sounds very painful. it happened on a slide. firefighters saved the child after he was stuck in the abdomen by a foot long splinter. it was the second night of rocky ridge's long standing town carnival festival and christian griffin was halfway down the slide known as the big wizard slide when he became stuck by a massive splinter. it's hard to listen to. the boy laid pinned for about an hour and a half before paramedics and fire crews safely removerred had imfrom the slide. here's what he remembers from the incident. >> i know i did go on a helicopter ride. i know how they got the splinter out. they just took it out with their hands. >> brave kid. griffin rode shotgun in the
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fire truck during the carnival parade as an honorary member of the fire department much like his hero, he says, brett favre. christian is indecisive. he didn't snow if he'll ever go on a slide again. i don't blame him. rookie brian maddux pitched seven innings. he gave up five hits, walked one and struck out six. the o's play the rangers tonight again at the yard. since we're talking about sports, it seems you are very excited for the ravens season. the team set a franchise record for 112,000 fans attending training camp. the previous record was set in 2001 after the super bowl season. that year had more than 111,000 people attend. the ravens camp started on july 26th. today is the final walk through practice. that is closed to the media and the public.
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all right. 6:54 right now. justin bieber is coming to baltimore. if you thought he couldn't get tickets, you still have a chance. it was previously thought to be a sold out show. at last check, they were still available but are going quickly. the concert, by the way, is sunday, september 5th. darn it, we have to work right now and miss waiting on that line ton the phones to get the bieber tickets. look at this, beach weather, yeah, good stuff today and tomorrow from delaware down to ocean city. water temperatures holding at 74. that's by the pier in ocean city. looking at good, late summer weather crossing the delmarva through the bay with water temperatures near 81. nearby aberdeen should reach 90 on the air their mom tore on
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81. it means we have a buildup of pollutants in the late summer day with code orange air quality posted for baltimore up through philadelphia. we are looking at clear skies. high clouds back towards our west. you can see northern minnesota and wisconsin, no impact if anything just helping to surge that warm and somewhat humid air back into the region. a little hint of humidity. we're back to 68. outdoors, good looking stuff and we head through sunday and wet weather rolls in with 84. we're dealing with
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something going on on the beltway on the outer loop of york road. disabled car on the shoulder because of an object that caused lots of flat tires. we look right now at our cameras, traffic is moving all right and starting to slow down on the outer loop lanes of harford road but moving for the most part at speed. as we look at our map, same thing on the outer loop of york road. still do have a crash at ellicott city at buck skin lane. megan, back to you. "good morning america" is minutes away. we all know there's no crying in baseball but apparently there's no lying in baseball, either. a federal grand jury indicted roger clemens for allegedly lying to congress about using steroids. also, usher will be on the show doing a live concert. look forward to all of that and more and join us for "good morning america" at 9:00. you have a picture of that rat? >> i had a pet rat and i'm working on the picture for you.
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